WBSC Premier12™ – Broadcast Toolkit

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Full broadcast toolkit for the inaugural WBSC Premier12 2015 tournament.

The final stage in our full branding solution for WBSC's new flagship Baseball competition was to create a cohesive set of on-air sequences and graphics to compliment the event brand collateral.

For this we pushed the creative into new areas; by focussing on the two graphical 'hero' players used thorughout the print and digital campaigns: We developed them into statuesque monuments enhanced by their national supporters and placing them in gladitorial battle. Through the use of pioneering photogrammetry body scanning and bespoke particle FX, our goal was to recreate and elongate the first few intense seconds before the first pitch of the tournament.

Animated on-air graphics, highlights stings/wipes and official audio toolkits were produced and supplied to the Host Broadcasters in both Japan and Taiwan; to ensure the tournament was packaged as faithfully to the brand as possible.